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It List Exclusive - Use code ITLIST15 for 15% of Kevin Murphy Ireland

An absolute It-List favourite professional haircare range, and born from the same philosophy as skincare with products weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity.

All products are designed to be layered too so we love mixing a few of our favourites together!. Our hero brand for styling sprays, serums and colour treating shampoos and conditioners. To help you shop, please find our absolute hero products from the Kevin Murphy range below and if you are an extensions wearer like me this range is perfect!

Ever Smooth

EVER.SMOOTH is perfect for all hair types; from soft, fine andflat hair to frizzy and textured hair. This product’s diverse appeal and usageis a result of long chain polymers that form a durable network of protection,hold and conditioning over the hair, ultimately extending the life of yourstyle.

·     Anti-Frizz

·     Humidity Resistant

·     Creates Smoothness

·     Style Extender

·     Sulphate Free

·     Paraben Free

·     Cruelty Free

Angel Wash

If your over-stressed hair is in need of a little salvation, their delicate ANGEL.WASH volumising shampoo will nourish and transform fine, fragile hair that has been colour-treated or damaged. Infused with soothing essential oils, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, ANGEL.WASH gently cleanses the scalp and hair while maximising colour longevity, and protecting against harmful free radicals.

·     Antioxidant-rich blend boosts volume to fine hair

·     Helps strengthen and protect against stressors

·     Helps to reduce hair breakage

·     Helps prevent colour fade

·     Colour safe and gentle enough for all hair types

·     Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

Shimmer Me Blonde

Don’t let blonde hair become dull and lackluster – treat it to a refreshing burst of SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. Kevin Murphy's repairing shine treatment, with colour enhancers and optical brighteners, adds brilliant shimmer and radiant shine to highlighted, blonde or grey shades. Specially selected ingredients from the Australian Rainforest, chosen for their ability to flourish in harsh climates, add elasticity and moisture, while light reflective technology from high-end skincare weightlessly delivers magnificent shine.

·     Infused with a nourishing blend of Australian Fruit Extracts

·     Adds instant, radiant shine and a sublime scent

·     Helps counteract yellow and golden tones

·     Nourishing and moisturising

·     Suitable for all hair types

·     Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

TWIRL. SPRAY. SHINE.Spray onto damp, towel-dried hair or directly onto dry hair. Do not rinse; leave to dry naturally or style as desired.

Bedroom Hair – The BEST texturizing spray of all time!

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want tousled, sexy bedroom hair? And sure, we’d all like to say, ‘I woke up like this’ but the reality is usually a very different story. BEDROOM.HAIR puts touchable texture, separation and movement into the hair, while still allowing you (or someone special) to run your fingers through from roots to tips – the epitome of sexy, bedroom hair with just the right amount of texture. This flexible, texturising finishing spray delivers perfectly imperfect locks every time.

·     Lightweight finishing spray delivers flexible hold and touchable texture

·     Contains a trio of hero ingredients for added texture and protection

·     Helps enhance elasticity and suppleness for increased touch ability

·     Helps protect against environmental stressors

·     Helps condition and strengthen the hair

·     Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free 

SPRAY. SPRAY. SPRAY. – Apply to dry hair as a finishing spray for all-over body and bounce.Your new best friend from our STYLE/CONTROL regimen.

Blonde Angel Wash

Make every moment a bombshell moment,and banish brassy tones with BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH. Lavender-infused, colour enhancing shampoo takes on all tones – from creamy to platinum, and with the help of added optical brighteners rescues dull colour – taking it from drab back to fab.

·     Colour enhancing shampoo for blonde and grey hair

·     Richly formulated to help counteract brassy tones

·     Helps restore shine and brightness

·     Helps maintain ‘cooler’ tones

·     Helps prevent colour-stripping

·     Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

WASH. RINSE. REPEAT – Applyto wet hair and massage gently through the hair and scalp. Rinse. Follow with BLONDE.ANGEL. Can be used daily, and as part of our BLONDE regimen.


No need to tearfully tear those tangles away – allow UN.TANGLED to do all the hard work for you. This leave-in conditioner is formulated with a complex blend of nourishing Australian Fruit Extracts that help detangle, strengthen and restore hair to sleek perfection. Added heat protection also helps guard against styling damage.

·     Infused with a unique blend of Australian Fruit Extracts

·     Gently detangles the hair

·     Helps restore, strengthen retain moisture in the hair

·     Provides heat protection against styling damage

·     Suitable for all hair types

·     Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

Session Spray Flex

This is no mere flash in a can … it’s flex in a flash! This new lightweight finishing hairspray SESSION.SPRAY FLEX, gives you flexible, workable long-lasting hold without the crunch! Never flaky or fixed, SESSION.SPRAY FLEX gives life to your locks with a flexibility that allows the hair to flow freely.

Lessening our environmental foot print and creating products that are kind to the planet is at the heart of everything at KEVIN.MURPHY. For every can of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX sold, a financial contribution will be made to help reduce global carbon emissions.

·     Weightless, firm hold that resists humidity

·     Designed to deliver superior ‘holding memory’

·     Enriched with natural fragrance oils

·     Helps you create endless long-lasting styles

·     Suitable for all hair types

·     Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free


Young Again Wash

Put youthful body and bounce back into ageing, damaged hair with a nourishing boost of YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH. Forming an essential part of our ANTI-AGEING regimen, this restorative shampoo delivers a nourishing complex of Amino Acids alongside ingredients selected specifically for their known anti-ageing benefits. The end result will be renewed, youthful-looking lustre, and hair that looks and feels young again.

·      Antioxidant-richblend helps restore and replenish

·      Knownanti-ageing ingredients help restore a more youthful look

·      Providesshine and lustre to the hair

·      Idealfor dry, damaged and ageing hair

·      Sulphate,paraben and cruelty-free

WASH. RINSE. REPEAT– Apply to wet hair and massage gently through the hair and scalp. Rinse.Follow with YOUNG.AGAIN RINSE. Can be used daily, and as part ofour ANTI-AGEING regimen.

Young Again Oil

The ultimate daily indulgence for damaged and ageing hair – YOUNG.AGAIN a weightless leave-in treatment oil from their ANTI-AGEING regime.  Infused withImmortelle to help counteract oxidation and therefore the ageing process, ourintensely nurturing treatment oil delivers deep conditioning benefits thatleave hair feeling soft and smooth with an overall boost to shine. Use daily tofight the fight against hair ageing and to provide protection againstenvironmental stressors, and heat damage.

·      Weightless, nutrient-rich oil

·      Antioxidant-rich blend helps to restore and replenish the hair

·      Helps promote elasticity and increase shine

·      Adds moisture to dry, damaged hair

·      Deeply nourishing and conditioning

·      Ideal for dry, damaged and ageing hair

·      Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

APPLY. INFUSE. DRY.Apply YOUNG.AGAIN to freshly washed hair and before any styling products. Once dried, you can apply a small amount of YOUNG.AGAIN to dry hair to increase the smoothness of the hair and remove any flyaway strands.Use as part of our ANTI-AGEING regimen with YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH,RINSE and MASQUE.


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